Hi. I’m David. This is my homepage interlinking my presence on the web. Here you will find my writings, philosophies, opinions, a bit about what I do and more.


Chessable is an educational technology start up that I’m injecting my life and soul into. To find out more visit Chessable. You can also keep track of my chess learning progress.


I’ve been developing technology since I was a kid. I’ve also had the incredible opportunity to delve in multiple disciplines. I believe that the best innovations combine ideas from far and wide and therefore I’m an advocate for lifelong learning. I’m also a firm believer that there is more to life than screens. Let’s all get behind Time Well Spent.


Virgin & Vodafone Out of Bundle Charges for 1GB of extra data are daylight robbery. What to do about Bill Shock?

It’s sad that there still are companies out there turning a quick profit with disregard about who they trample over on the way. Virgin and Vodafone, that’s you guys. Today’s post is about out of bundle data charges and shock bills by the big mobile phone providers in the UK. How can we let companies …

£600 is the true cost of bad customer service: use this to your startup’s advantage!

We’ve all experienced bad customer service. When this happens, I usually share my experience very briefly on social media. However, my last experience shocked me so much that I just had to write about it. There are valuable lessons to be learnt here. The company I’m writing about lost £600 worth of business. If you are a …

Hello world!

The usual first post is here. My long overdue internet homepage restored. It’s here to stay. Let’s hope I get some time to write! Ironic isn’t it? One of the reasons I initially chose a Computer Science degree was to avoid writing as much as possible. Times change.