David Kramaley

Serial Entrepreneur, Co-founder and ex-CEO of Chessable


I’ve been launching digital products and websites since I was 13. I’ve also had the incredible opportunity to explore multiple disciplines, from Computer Science to Psychology and many things in between. I believe that the best innovations combine ideas from far and wide, and therefore I’m an advocate for lifelong learning. Follow your interests. Let your curiosity thrive. I also believe that there is more to life than screens. Technology is here to help us learn better, to help us live better. But life continues beyond those screens. I’m a believer in Humane Technology, Conscious Capitalism and a supporter of Founders Pledge. I play football, rock climb, hike and spend plenty of time outdoors.


Currently, I am taking some time off and brainstorming my next project, but previously, you may have heard about me because of:

  • Chessable an ed-tech startup that revolutionised the way people learn chess, acquired by the World Champion's company in 2019. At Chessable our goal was to help you acquire Chess mastery backed by the science of learning, while making it as fun as possible with the principles of gamification

  • Sharkius Games An early player in the Facebook/social games, ecosystem, with the most popular games being Metropolis, Simmbook and Mafia Cities, reaching hundreds of thousands of daily active users

  • SoccerOD/VGCity Football and video game online communities I founded and managed for a few years

A little video about me


I love staying in touch, I prefer email but you may also find me with one of the links below