Hi. I’m David. This is my homepage interlinking my presence on the web. Here you will find just a little bit more about what I do.


Chessable is an educational technology start up that I’m injecting my life and soul into. To find out more visit Chessable. Since August 2019, Chessable is part of the Play Magnus AS group, the company that was founded by World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen and is revolutionising how people learn, watch and play chess.


I’ve been launching digital products and websites since I was 13. I’ve also had the incredible opportunity to explore multiple disciplines. I believe that the best innovations combine ideas from far and wide, and therefore I’m an advocate for lifelong learning. Follow your interests. Let your curiosity thrive. I’m also a firm believer that there is more to life than screens. Technology is here to help us learn better, to help us live better. But life continues beyond those screens. I’m a believer in Humane Technology and a supporter of Founders Pledge.